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Development Sites in Exuma, The Bahamas

Development Sites in Exuma Bahamas

The Exuma Island Group is a beautiful archipelago located east of The Bahamas mainland consisting of over 365 islands and cays. The largest island which is home to a majority of the inhabitants in the district features the many towns and primary entryways in the region. The island is lined with beautiful beaches that attract a regular flow of tourists looking for a fun-filled vacation in The Bahamas.

There are many excellent property development sites throughout the islands of Exuma. The Bahamas is known for its beautiful beachfront locations, natural wonders, and exclusive resorts. Investors looking for land to develop will find several properties to consider for their purchase. Acquire a piece of paradise for yourself from the many multi-acre development sites, private islands, and beachfront properties throughout the archipelago. There are gated communities further inland with vacant lots available for you to build your dream home as well as open land areas along the main highway.

Notable Attractions:

Exuma International Airport
Barreterre Dock
Emerald Bay Marina
Blue Ade Under Water Cave

Best Beaches:

Tropic of Cancer Beach
Tropic Breeze Restaurant Beach
Forbes Hill Beach and Love Beach
Cocoplum Beach
Three Sisters Beach
Jolly Hall Beach

School Information:

Exuma Christian Academy
St. Andrew’s Anglican School

Unique Private Island

Exuma, Bahamas

Listing Price: $95,000,000