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Homes for Sale in Exuma, The Bahamas

Homes for Sale in Exuma Bahamas

The Exumas is a group of islands located east of The Bahamas known for its beautiful islets and pristine sandy beaches. There are 365 cays and islands, rich in history, culture, and tourist-friendly amenities. The laid-back communities in Exuma make the area the perfect vacation destination. There are fantastic luxury resorts, beachside condominiums, and million-dollar residences on the many islands of the archipelago. The three significant islets, Great Exuma, Little Exuma, and The Exuma Cays, offer incredible sights and perfectly preserved environments.

Single-family homes in The Exumas include a combination of custom-built residences in residential subdivisions as well as private luxury villas. These properties all connect to the Queen’s Highway, which runs along the length of the main island and is the major road connecting communities in the region. If you’re planning to live long-term on the keys you may want to purchase a home on the main island wherein residents have easy access to stores, restaurants, and other establishments in the area.

Notable Attractions:

Exuma International Airport
Barreterre Dock
Emerald Bay Marina
Blue Ade Under Water Cave

Best Beaches:

Tropic of Cancer Beach
Tropic Breeze Restaurant Beach
Forbes Hill Beach and Love Beach
Cocoplum Beach
Three Sisters Beach
Jolly Hall Beach

School Information:

Exuma Christian Academy
St. Andrew’s Anglican School